A service of Windhaus Associates, a privately owned, Port St. Lucie, Florida business planning firm, founded by Stephen Windhaus in 1999.


Business Plans


Business plans are developed in outline formats according to client needs. All plans comprise three comprehensive elements - marketing, the level of operations required to achieve and maintain the projected market, and financial projections that substantiate a balance between costs, sales and profitability.


Comprehensive services include:

Market research incorporating marketing mix, evolving into advertising and promotional strategies.


Analyze operational and staff requirements to insure start-up or expansion costs do not undercut or exceed anticipated market share.


Financial projections, incorporating cost of goods sold, breakeven analysis, ratio analysis, projected balance sheets, income and cash flow statements.


For clients with existing plan documents we edit, revise and/or expand on quality of content, market research and financial statements. The resulting fee is greatly reduced. Business plans can be developed in Microsoft Office, Business Plan Pro, JIAN, Automate Your Business Plan and add-ons from graphic and spreadsheet applications.


We implement a very logical, common-sense approach to marketing plans:
Product - Define your products and services, highlighting what they offer for the need or convenience of the customer.


People - Identify the socioeconomic characteristics of the people and institutions who buy your products and services.


Place - Identify the geographic target markets where you will most likely locate and attract the targeted people and institutions for your products and services.


Price - Determine if a discount, customary or prestige pricing policy is best for your particular target market.


Promotion - Determine the advertising and promotional strategy that will most likely grab the attention of your target market. Confirm with SWOT analysis.


Competition - Examine the strengths and weaknesses of your strong and weak competitors regarding product, people, place, price and promotion. Do what succeeds and avoid what fails.


SWOT Analysis - Identify opportunities and threat vs. your strengths and weaknesses in the market analysis above, confirming or revising the advertising and promotional strategy.


For details about our marketing plan services go to www.windhaus.org/.


We conduct analysis of existing business plans, and submit our Analysis Report based on the following:


Review content for grammar, spelling, punctuation, outline sequence, quality of writing, marketing, operations and financial projections.


Identify strengths, weaknesses and feasibility.


Make objective recommendations that reinforce strengths and reduce or eliminate weaknesses.


Observations of feasibility conclude our report.

The highest priority for the business plan consultant developing a plan is to determine the feasibility of the proposed venture. If feasible, consider the capital requirements. The business plan process is very straightforward, chronological and logical:


Organize your vision by outline.


Conduct market research (feasibility).


Develop sales projections (feasibility).


Determine operational costs (capital requirements).


Determine startup costs (capital requirements).


Develop financial projections (feasibility & capital requirements).


Existing Business
Existing businesses expand, merge, acquire or downsize. Re-organization of marketing, advertising and operations, properly conducted and evaluated, maximize returns on expenses and improve the ratio of sales to operating and selling expenses. Analysis is directed to:


Determine if potential target sales markets are exploited.


Evaluate each product and/or service for costs & sales impacting finances.


(Re)evaluate the competition.


Evaluate direct impact of all cost centers.


Evaluate all expenses for expansion, revision and/or elimination.
Evaluate capital funding required of ownership, venture capital, commercial/SBA loans.


Consider advantages & disadvantages of all financing options.