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M-11 offers a simple registration process ...
But selling the offering is not simple


Before you as an entrepreneur can ask the public for money, your "offering" must be registered in any state where you wish to solicit investors. Your offering does not have to be registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission if you seek less than $1,000,000.


Most of the states (49) require you to complete Form U-7 which is lengthy and intimidating. One state (New York) asks you to complete Form M-11 which takes about 30 minutes. Thirty days after you file your M-11, the Investor Protection and Securities Bureau will lacknowledge your registration and allow you four years to complete your offering.


New York's approach to small securities offerings is enlightened. The other states view entrepreneurs as scoundrels who must be watched very carefully.


We think many people would like to invest in small business ventures. Form U-7 makes it difficult. Form M-11 makes it easy.


Details: Contact John Kenney in Providence, Rhode Island at (401) 831-7050. Or, email him at




Sierra Financial Services Offers One Stop
Source of Cash, Small, Large, Domestic or Overseas

Sierra has developed a unique network of relationships with funding sources to buy private notes, provide businesses with medical, commercial, construction/heavy equipment leasing and 'cash-from-equity' through the sale-leaseback of equipment that's owned free and clear


For its clients, Sierra also offers free consultation and guidance on creating strategies that can optimize their success in achieving their goals. Sierra will also provide receivable factoring and trade and purchase order finance for importers, exporters, domestic and international re-sellers. In addition, Sierra sources can deliver mezzanine and project financing from the tens to hundreds of millions of dollars and can purchase portfolios of real estate and blocks of notes.


Our clients come from around the U.S. and around the world. For details, contact Philip Long, Sierra Financial CEO, in Laurel, Maryland. Tel.(301)604-5525. FAX: 604-8007, email.



Are You Ready to Expand Your Business?

Don't let the need for additional capital become a barrier to your company's growth! Instead, join the savvy business owners who have discovered how to leverage a shell corporation in a reverse merger structure to generate millions in new capital.


Southward Investments LLC has enabled the owners of hundreds of small to medium-sized businesses to raise capital by going public through a reverse merger. Reason: our firm can provide a clean shell corporation - no assets, no liabilities; includes independent certified financial audit, S.E.C. qualified opinion letter. Our fees are most reasonable.


Details: Call Moe Diamond, Southward Investments: (585) 244-1840.
Fax: (585) 244-0053. Email here.


National Business Service Offers
Broadscale Equipment Leasing
Options and Financing

For the small to mid-sized business, NBS provides funding for $200,000 to $2 million via an established network of banks, commercial finance companies and independent investors. How? By using capital equipment leasing as business tools. Enjoy these three main advantages:


Low Monthly Payments: leasing means you can afford more of the best.

Acquire Equipment Without Tying up Capital: other types of financing require hefty down payments. But leasing is 100% financing.

Protect Your Lines of Credit: leasing has no impact on your credit lines.


Leasable equipment ranges from agricultural tools, computers to x-ray machines. Call today for details and a free quote. Tel. 718-869-5456.



Aviation Finance Center Provides
Funding Ranging from $50,000 To Unlimited $$$


AFC's mission is to provide specialized financing strategies for commercial, corporate, commuter and private aviation. The firm works closely with manufacturers and dealers in finance projects from startups to major airlines.

AFC has many financing and lease solutions that can be custom tailored to fit the individual needs of general aviation and large airlines. Our Lease/Finance Package can mean substantial savings to achieve the lowest operating cost.


Our track record with many clients and our integrity has made us their closest advisors. Call today for details. Tel. 718-869-5456.



New York Firm Arranges Commercial And
Real Estate Secured Loans

Carl Williams Financial Services offers a variety of secured loans from $50,000 to $500,000, or more. All information is kept in strictest confidence. Excellent track record. Solidly backed. We are a reliable, friendly firm dedicated to meeting your loan needs.


Home owners can also save substantially with our Mortgage Manager - a free service. Send #10 SASE for free information. Details: write Williams Financial Services, P.O. Box 998, New York, NY, 10116. Phone: (212) 563-6585.