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Attention Users Of Electronics & Plastic Components

U.S.firm offers over 25 years experience in Product Sourcing and Production of electronic parts and custom plastic components, plus assistance with Engineering Design. This Florida-based firm has exclusive contacts in Japan, Hong Kong, China and USA.


"Your gateway to the world of custom electronic and plastic components."


Details. Contact: Wayne Turner, V.P. Sales, Seewald Corporation.
Tel. 941-761-2518, Fax. 941-761-2259. Or, email us here.

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Energy Management Company Seeks $800,000
In Funding for Expansion. Substantial Ownership
and/or Repayment with interest


AES is a young company that specializes in Total Energy Management. AES began operations in Feb, 2002 and has been successful to date having completed major high-profile projects nationwide. AES has the potential to be one of the leaders in the energy field specializing in the massive restructuring of the current energy market.


The company has four components: (1) Energy efficient mechanical and lighting design and installation performed by in-house technicians. (2) Distributed Generation (fuel cells, fuel cell service, solar (photovoltaic), wind and microturbines. (3) Utility Brokering and Rate Management. (4) Maintenance. AES has the highest level contacts in the Federal Government, Educational Facilities and strong ties with corporate clients.


For a detailed business plan and more information please contact JP Hoffman at
407-578-9585 or email.


U.S. Based Marketing/Manufacturing Firm
Seeks 6 Million Equity Investment in
High Tech Exercise Equipment Company


This breakthrough technology (patented) is packaged to be inserted into existing exercise equipment firms already in the field and in use by their customers. This new equipment will attract every major exercise equipment firm worldwide.

The stock offering is formulated as a US SEC Regulation D 506.


Details: Call Vern Brubaker (954) 421-2663 (Florida).



Apollo Energy Systems
Already Has $300 Million In Signed Orders
Unique Fuel Cell/Battery Technology


Apollo Energy Systems of Pompano Beach, Florida plans to begin
production of a new Apollo(tm) Fuel Cell and Lead Cobalt Battery
this summer. The Apollo Power Plant is designed to provide on-
site electric power for residential, commercial and industrial
firms and vehicles.


The electric propulsion system would deliver the same
performance as gas-powered cars - in speed, range, acceleration
and fill-up time. This new car would also offer "zero emissions"
and would never need to be recharged: the fuel cell keeps the
battery charged at all times. This Apollo system can be
installed in a wide variety of electric vehicles from golf carts
to buses to mobile homes.


For details: view website at www.electricauto.com, or call
Robert Aronsson, CEO: (954)969-7755, fax: (954)969-7788.
Email: electricauto@worldnet.att.net



Attention Growing Corporations ...

GMT Can Cut Your Financial - Operational
Expenditures By 90%!


Group Management Technologies, L.L.C (GMT) creates a new kind of TOTAL service that not only slashes costs - it delivers impressive new high technology efficiency to every aspect of your business.


G.M.T. has made both benefits a reality for many major corporations and can do the same for your firm. For corporations and large net worth investors, GMT's services include:


Full financial management and reporting services

Preparation and assistance for loans, sales, mergers

Full back office - we'll replace your entire back office


Result? Your firm will enjoy these 5 major benefits, only GMT offers:

A lean, efficient financial, operational organization.

New peace of mind via daily operational analysis.

Customized financial and operations analysis.

Big cost savings and growth efficiencies that can build bigger net profits.

Expert training and supervision of your staff.


Why spend $10,000 or more a month in house for financial/operational management? From $995 per month - gives you GMT’s TOTAL service package from a team of nationally recognized pros.


For details call: John P. Rosario at GMT: (561) 721-9001, Fax: 721-9002. EXT: 2226. Email us here. Or write: Group Management Technologies, L.L.C., 2112 South Congress Ave., Suite 202, W. Palm Beach, FL 33406.