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Best Small Biz Help — Your Small Biz Success is Our Business
The Solopreneur's Lifeline. We train and support the very small business owner who makes under $50K per year, to read financial statements, find new

customers on/ offline, and survive this tough economy. We have a team of experts in accounting, IT, insurance, healthcare writing for the site.


Credit Union Auto Loan
California Community Credit Union is a cooperative financial
institution providing credit at reasonable rates and other financial services
like credit union auto loans, credit union car loans IRA to its members in California.


Securities Based Lending and Stock Loans

This lending platform allows the borrower to pledge securities (stocks, mutual funds, bonds, MTN's, T-Notes or other securities) to obtain funds for personal or business use. Using securities as collateral it is possible to borrow money at a fixed interest rate that is below 4.50% for up to 10 years.