Unsecured Business Loans


Benefits Summary
No collateral or equity required
Fast approvals within 1-3 business days
Cash available for any purpose
Easy application process
Lower interest rates provided
No application or upfront fees
No business plan required
Any business type accepted
Available in all 50 states


More Details

NO Collateral Required. Why pledge your hard earned assets to obtain a loan if you don't have to? Take advantage of your responsible credit history or your credit card processing amounts. Compare this to the typical asset based lender that normally requires a loan to be secured with free and clear assets valued at least twice the amount of your loan request.

NO Business Plan Required. If you are like most business owners, the idea of a business plan sounds great, but you just never seem to get around to it. Traditional lenders often require their loan applicants to submit a business plan, with budgets and pro forma's, to prove their ability to pay back a loan. It can be expensive and time-consuming to produce these documents, with no guarantee that your loan will be approved!

New Businesses Accepted. If you are starting a new business venture, you probably already aware that most banks don't even want to speak with you about lending money until your business has reached the point to where you no longer need their help. Pre-qualified applicants can now receive funding up to $150,000.

Fast Approvals. When you need money, you need it now. Many unsecured lenders will approve your unsecured business loan within just a few days, with loan proceeds available to you within a week after approval. Compare this to the several weeks, if not months, normally associated with obtaining a loan for even the most qualified borrowers.

Easy Application Process. Unlike the tremendous amount of paperwork that lenders traditionally require, all you often need is a completed one-page financing application to get started.

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-> Approval amounts and interest rates are mainly based on your credit card processing amounts and your gross monthly income.