Venture Capital Available



Funds Public Companies
Excessive Capital to Deploy
Customized Structure


Laurus Funds, New York, makes direct investments in U.S.-listed
small and micro-cap companies.


If you are a publicly traded company (or agent for) in need of capital,
whether for working capital, acquisition financing, listing capital, growth
capital, etc - our investment style is advantageous in comparison to bank
debt or traditional PIPE financing. Our fund has a successful and
established track record.


We invest across all industries, all exchanges (U.S.), in amounts of
typically $1MM - $15MM. Over 70% of companies in our portfolio have had
follow-on investments. Some of the benefits are fixed-price structure at a
premium to market price, no shorting provision in our investment charter,
low dilution, low fees, short time horizon to complete transactions to name
a few. Our interests are aligned with the companies with our investment


For more information, contact Neil Kleinman at 212-541-5800, ext. 208.



Investment Banker Offers Variety of Financial Services


Croy Creek Capital provides it's clients with a broad range of financial services including but not limited to venture capital, accounts receivable financing, asset based lending, equipment leasing, inventory financing, purchase order funding, physician lending, medical billing, debt collections, private investors, private placement, hard capital lenders, refinance, and letters of credit.


We are a one stop Financial Service Company. Croy Creek Capital operates on a commission basis, charging a negotiated percentage commission on the total amount of funding provided to the client. We have no limitations on the size or type of business venture that we will pursue funding on.


Contact: Randy French, Croy Creek Capital, P.O. Box 93022, Las Vegas, NV 89193 - Tel. (702) 260-4435, Fax. (702) 897-2070.