Venture Capital Needed

Growing Re-Seller Of IT Equipment And
Telecom Services Seeks Investors


Wanforce Technologies, a two-year old privately held company headquarted in St. Louis, Missouri resells IT equipment and telecom Services. It also provides managed services,asset management recovery and network integration globally. Its offices are in major tier 1 USA and international markets.


Our investor group consists of a few institutions with extensive telecommunications and networking experience. It includes a number of high net-worth individuals under the "qualified investor" status as defined by the Securities and Exchange Commission. We are in discussions at present to raise additional capital. We require that all investors, whether institutional or individual, are qualified. In order to maintain focus on the execution of our exciting, aggressive business plan, our minimum investment threshold has been set at $20,000.


Contact: Peter Roberts, Wanforce Technologies Corp,
Phone. 636-449-7333, Email:

Breakthrough In Dentistry Opens
Up A $26 Billion Marketplace

A new trademarked dental examination thrusts the dentist to the forefront of the health care industry because it allows him to detect biological problems before they appear in routine medical exams. This new examination allows the
dentist to enter and capitalize on a leaderless nutrition industry.


The "New-Eyes" Dental Examination enables the dentist to determine the patient's nutritional status and whether or not he/she is a high or low risk for heart attack, stroke or other serious health problems. The examination uses routine equipment, adds just twominutes to the dentist's regular exam and reveals everything the regular exam uncovers. It also offers a patient co-diagnosis factor.


New Century Dentistry aims to license the New-Eyes exam to 125,000 practicing dentists in America. Dr. Jan Gilbert who created and developed this exam, seeks $5 million to launch and market it. Call Dr. Gilbert at (800) 640-5358. FAX: (516) 371-6940.EMAIL


Investor/Buyer Wanted For New Patented
Medication Dispenser


The new SAM (Smart Automatic Medication) Dispenser delivers precise medication at the correct time directly into the patient's hand. Designed for use in any patient's residence, assisted living facility, nursing home, etc.

SAM can stand alone or operate as part of a larger network. It is greatly helpful to forgetful and confused patients, who must adhere to their medication regimen. Easy to operate, SAM has verbal and other alerting devices to get the patient's attention and a single button interface dispenses the medication quickly.


In addition, SAM has an interactive two-way phone link that can give the caregiver instant access to the patient via ordinary phone link and PC. Medication delivery/consumption statistics are also collected automatically, stored and transferred to the caregiver's PC on a daily basis.

Details. Call Tony Passamante, Smart Dispensing Devices. (215) 822-6164, Chalfont, Pennsylvania. EMAIL



New Firm With Tech Breakthroughs
In Homeland Security Seeks $3 Million
In Operating Capital

StrikeForce Technologies, a homeland security firm, specializes in providing cutting-edge total authentication solutions.

They include a range of biometric and authentication devices plus its own revolutionary technology that offers a new paradigm in authentication. These solutions are designed to solve the enormous problem of security - present in all computer networks, the Internet, cellular communications and physical access. In addition, StrikeForce Technologies is the leading biometric solutions provider and master Distributors for Panasonic Corp., and LG Electronics, USA.


The firm's pending sales are from major corporations, government and wireless carriers. For operating capital and to handle anticipated growth, Strike Force seeks $3 million. Details: contact Bob Denn at (866) 787-4542, or email him here.


Energy Management Company Seeks $800,000
In Funding for Expansion. Substantial Ownership
and/or Repayment with interest


AES is a young company that specializes in Total Energy Management. AES began operations in Feb, 2002 and has been successful to date having completed major high-profile projects nationwide. AES has the potential to be one of the leaders in the energy field specializing in the massive restructuring of the current energy market.


The company has four components (1) Energy efficient mechanical and lighting design and installation performed by in-house technicians. (2) Distributed Generation (fuel cells, fuel cell service, solar (photovoltaic), wind and microturbines. (3) Utility Brokering and Rate Management. (4) Maintenance. AES has the highest level contacts in the Federal Government, Educational Facilities and strong ties with corporate clients.

For a detailed business plan and more information please contact JP Hoffman at 407-578-9585 or email


New Company Seeks Funding For
Technology Breakthrough In
Coffee Bean Drying


This company's patented technology can change current coffee bean drying methodology forever. The firm uses solar-powered photovoltaic cells resulting in a 3-5 times more efficient operation.The current rotary drum system can cost coffee bean growers thousands of dollars for a brief few months of operation. The coffee bean industry is so vast that just a 2% share would mean $91 million in US wholesale drier sales.


There are equity participation opportunities still available. Details: contact Paul Soucy, Environmental Solar Systems, Methuen, Massachusetts, at 978-975-1190.


Industrial Additive Cuts Manufacturing
Costs Substantially


Derived from an unusual volcanic glass mineral, this powder has documented, but previously unseen properties in the plastics/paint industries. In plastics manufacture, it makes molten plastic more fluid enabling much more rapid injection and blow molding. After two years of testing, the product is now being ordered by companies that make plastic parts for major automotive companies. Mitsubishi just signed on as a user and worldwide distributor.Sales are projected to reach $1 billion by 2008 with 45%+ profits.


Up to $10MM in equity is sought for expansion with $100K minimum. For more details, call Goldstein Consultants at 888-327-6723 or email.